On Line Booking
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To book on line just enter the password for your Health Authority and "Click to Login".

If you don't know your Health Authority Password - call our HELP DESK :- 1-800-768-0044

Please note before Booking On-Line

• All bookings are checked manually for clarity before being confirmed by e-mail.

• You will receive confirmation within 30 minutes during normal working hours 06.00 – 18.00

• On-Line booking is for Pre Booking [ 4 hours before ]

o If less than 4 hours ahead - please call

• With an overnight On–Line booking made after 19.00 for next day - Pick-Up must be after 09.00am.

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Our services are used extensively by Health Care providers for :

  • Inter-Hospital Patient Transfers
  • Patient Appointments at Other Facilities
  • Patient Discharge Transport
  • Inter-Regional Patient Transfers
  • Level Of Care Relocations

    For more information about our services or to set up an account, please call the

    Help Desk at 1-800-768-0044.